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General Statistics and SPSS
plus E-Prime, OpenSesame, DMDX and Superlab Screencasts

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Thoughts in 2021: This site and its content are now getting very old. The version of SPSS used is out of date (the Mac SPSS videos were using a version that was PowerPC only - that shows their age), E-Prime is now on version 3, as is OpenSesame. Statisical analysis is generally moving towards R, JASP or jamovi. It is probably a good point to consider calling time on the videos presented here. I plan to leave the site as is for the time being, but I would encourage vistors to consider searching Youtube for much more up to date content. Thank you to all who have dropped by over the years. When I uploaded the first of these videos in 2007, I would never have believed there would still be visitors in 2021!

The source of Videoscreencasts was a project to create a series of screencasts to aid 1st year psychology undergraduate students learn how to use the statistical analysis package SPSS. At the end of the course it was decided to not only expand the content of these screencasts to cover other topics such as psychological experiment generators, but to also make the videos freely available to anyone who wants to learn about these topics. You won't find any screencasts about the more popular pieces of software (such as MS Word) due to the already large amount of material available on the web. Instead, the screencasts here are much more targeted towards those working in psychology. That said, many of the packages used will almost certainly be of use to academics in other fields.

To view the videos on the site, you'll need a HTML5 compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera. Older browsers will not be able to display the videos on the page. For users of these browsers, download links to the videos (in MP4 format) are available. VLC, amongst others, is capable of playing these files.

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