E-Prime is an industry standard experiment generator from PST. It takes a "drag-and-drop" approach to experiment creation but also allows for you to get your hands dirty by creating some custom code to get it to do exactly what you want. The interdace is very similar to Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0 so programmers of that language should feel right at home. Everyone else - dont' panic! E-Prime is easy to get to grips with.

Analysing Data With E-DaiaAid

After you have run an experiment with E-Prime you will obviously want to analyse the data. E-Prime creates a custom format data file which can be read using the E-DataAid package (part of the E-Prime suite). E-DataAid allows you to extract data from the data file and export it to other packages such as Excel or SPSS. This video demonstrates how to use E-DataAid to analyse the data from the cat faces experiment, creating in the previous tutorial. Since E-Prime creates a seperate data file for each participant, you will end up with as many data files as people you have tested. Another program in the E-Prime suite, called E-Merge, can merge these data files together into a single file which E-DataAid can then analyse. The second part of the screencast shows you how to do this and finally, export data to SPSS for analysis.