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Facial Attractiveness

In this study we're interested in whether familiar people are considered more attractive than unfamiliar people. In the experiment, you'll see a total of 60 faces. We would like you to simply rate each face for how familiar and attractive you think each face is.

Clicking on the link "Take me to the experiment" will load the main interface into your browser. The experiment code is written in Java and so, depending on your machine it may take a while to load up. When it is all ready to go, you will see an image similar to the one below:

Simply click start to begin the experiment. During the experiment the screen will look similar to the one below:

There are two parts to the experiment page. The top half will display 60 faces and allow you to rate each face for familarity and attractiveness. The "NEXT" button will be deactivated until you make a rating for both familiarity and attractiveness. Please take care to only click NEXT once as it make take a few moments for the next image to be downloaded.

The bottoms half of the page is not used at this point - please make sure your browser window is large enough to see the message though!!

At the end of the experiment the bottom half of the page can be used to enter your contact details and submit your data to us. Please do not feel pressured into entering a real name or email address! Feel free to make something up if you prefer.

That's it - thanks for looking.

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