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Can you tell the difference between male and female cats?

People are very efficient at telling the difference between male and female human faces. What about other species though? We are interested in peoples ability to tell the gender of a domestic cat from its face alone. If you are interested in taking part in a short experiment then read on.

The experiment on this site is one of a number of experiments we are using to investigate this ability. Clicking on the link "Take me to the experiment" will load the main interface into your browser. The experiment code is written in Java and so, depending on your machine it may take a while to load up. When it is all ready to go, you will see an image similar to the one below:

Start Image

Simply click start to begin the experiment. During the experiment the screen will look similar to the one below:

Annotated Browser

You have 15 seconds to make up your mind about each cat. After 15 seconds has expired, the next cat will be presented. The indicator telling you how long you have left will turn red with 5 seconds to go. If you are using a dial-up connection there will be a noticeable delay after you give your answer. This is whilst the next image is loaded - please ensure you only click once on the "male" or "female" buttons. When you have finished, your total score will be presented to you and you will have the option to send us your data:


Your data is submitted anonymously - we do not ask for any information from you. All we receive is an email message that contains a list of numbers.

That's it - thanks for looking.

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